Romex Wire Specifications and Romex Wire Stripping Tools

March 3, 2015
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If you are an electrician, it is not uncommon to build up a substantial stock of old romex wiring from completed jobs in a short period of time. Old and left over copper wiring is actually a great source of extra income when you are able to strip the insulation in a quick efficient manner. Even romex wire, which is mostly used in the North America housing market, can be of value! Its weight can add up quickly with 10/2 romex weighing in at an impressive 124 lbs per 1000 ft!

The ultimate romex wire stripping tool

With the dangers of burning the plastic insulation surrounding the wire becoming a serious concern for our environment, there has never been a better time to purchase your own StripMeister™ automatic wire stripping machine to eliminate that hazard!

Newly designed romex Wire Stripping Machines, like the StripMeister™, will save hours of your time compared to stripping the wire with a knife or hand-held device. The Stripmeister™ also comes with a “built in” romex adapter. With this option, the Stripmeister™ will cut thru the outer jacket and one of the THHN/THWN inside wires in the first pass! You will achieve another 33% time saving compared to similar tools.

Modern machines like the StripMeister™ are very user friendly , they do not need any extra tools to re-adjust for different wire sizes. It is manufactured to fit like LEGO! This unit is built rugged to withstand the harshest of environments yet reasonably priced for a fast return on your investment!

Romex wire specifications

Interesting facts: ( Weight per 1000’)

#14 wire 16 lbs.
#10 wire 39 lbs.
4 AWG 155 lbs.
2/O 460 lbs.
250 MCM 845 lbs.
500MCM 1660 lbs.

ROMEX 14/2 57 lbs.
ROMEX 12/2 82lbs.
ROMEX 10/2 124lbs.

Get your StripMeister™ today!

Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!