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5 Reasons Every Electrician, Scrapper and Handyman Needs a StripMeister™ Wire Stripper

April 29, 2016
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Still wondering if stripping that scrap, left over wire is worth it? Here are 5 reasons to say yes to a StripMeister™ today!

1) Rising Prices of Copper

In the last several days, the price of copper has risen 4.04 percent, and prices have increased steadily by 1.54 percent over the last 30 days and 12.98 percent over the last 90 days. This trend shows that copper prices are rising constantly at this point and is expected to increase in value steadily in the future market.

2) Maximizing Returns

The value of stripped bright #1 copper wire is three to four times the value of insulated, unstripped wire. Therefore regardless of the value of copper, you will always maximize your return

3) Legal and environmental Responsibility

Burning the casing off is now illegal and harms the environment, enough said.

4) Seriously? Stripping by hand?

Hand stripping is dangerous, tedious and ridiculously time consuming.

5) Wise Investing

Most people reported making their money back in hours of use. So in fact choosing the right StripMeister™ for the right job will simply be a smart business choice with nothing but upside.

There is a StripMeister™ model for every electrician, scrapper and handyman that fits into your budget easily.

Add to these 5 reasons free shipping and best prices in the business means there has never been a better time to order your own StripMeister™ today!

Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!