StripMeister E2000X Industrial Wire Stripping Machine


USD $1,899 $1699 5.00 ( 26 customer reviews)


Has all the power and features of the E2000 but is enhanced with our new spiral groove technology feeder drive, double slider front guide, built in Romex adaptor and the newly designed DC Drive speed controller.

  • The Spiral groove Feeder technology ensures precise cuts even on twisted or stranded wire
  • The double slider Feed in mechanism makes quick work of changing wire sizes and guiding the wire a breeze
  • The built-in Romex adaptor makes stripping Americas most commonly used house wire 33% faster
  • The newly designed PWM variable speed controlled DC-drive make machine run quiet, smoothly and energy-efficient. Also includes an Emergency Stop button for better safety.
  • Weather resistant to withstand punishing jobs of all sizes.
  • Quick, reliable, safe and speed controlled wire stripping from 16 gauge up to 2000 mcm (1/8″ to 3-1/8″ Diameter)
  • Includes extra blade ($99.00 value)
  • Unique industry first, 1 HP DC variable speed motor coupled with a precision gear box, delivers high torque and precise adjustable cutting speeds
  • Strips all sizes from 16 gauge up to 2000mcm (.100″ to 3.125″ Diameter) including Romex, braided (stranded), copper and aluminum wire
  • DIMENSIONS: 88lbs 23x19x14 inches


  • SALE PRICE: Save $200
  • FREE SHIPPING: Save up to $260
  • FREE EXTRA BLADE: Value $140

Manufactured and assembled in North America
All wire strippers ship direct from warehouse to almost anywhere!

$1,899.00 $1,699.00


Speed Control


Solid aircraft grade aluminum alloy


Precision CNC machined knife


Feeder drive from hardened, heat treated tool steel


1 HP DC motor with variable speed

26 reviews for StripMeister E2000X Industrial Wire Stripping Machine

  1. david hartman (verified owner)

    I have had the unit for about 3 weeks now and love its capabilities. The unit was able to pull multiple 150′ lengths of 250 mcm and strip them with ease. I would suggest it to anyone. We did the math and figured at $2.25/lb stripped vs $.95/lb unstripped, retaining 75% of the weight on most wire sizes, it made perfect sense.

  2. Jerry Green (verified owner)

    Absolute money maker!!!

  3. Paul Dan (verified owner)

    Great tool! It is performing better than I expected! I am stripping a lot of high voltage 500 MCM cables. It’s just perfect!

  4. Paul Goodman (verified owner)

    Very good machine, the best one that I have used. It is the Cadillac of wire strippers!

  5. Jerry (verified owner)

    Very happy with new wire stripper

  6. Tim (verified owner)

    Amazing machine! It paid for itself in just under two hours!! I’ve already stripped around 800 feet of 500mcm in one day!

  7. Mitch Nall (verified owner)

    Best investment I ever made.

  8. Brent londeree (verified owner)

    Very nice machine have owned a couple higher priced machines the e2000x simple to use and well built strips all sizes of wire

  9. ken (verified owner)

    Great machine!! very quiet and smooth operation. I recommend this to anybody looking to upgrade your wire for a low up front cost. This is by far the best bang for you buck.
    I own a recycling Co. and have been through a few different small strippers.over the years. This one is the best so far.

  10. Eric S (verified owner)

    This machine is amazing! As soon as I unboxed it I was off and running and immediately realized that I should’ve bought one years ago. The ease of use is saving me so much time and energy from stripping by hand. Product arrived in 4 days and live chat answered all my questions. Thanks!

  11. Metal Master (verified owner)

    GREAT & EASY!!!

  12. John Tillson (verified owner)

    WOW, this thing is great. 1) Read the instructions-2)Sort your wire, 3)straighten tight kinks as you sort, adjust machine to start with the largest diameter wire you will deal with, back the cutting wheel back off, feed wire and lower cutter while your catcher says lower….lower…lower…making a cut…lower…PERFECT. When your catcher (catchers) get the piece of wire being fed through at around 4 and get the insulation to separate from the wire (one of them heads to the wire bin with the wire…the other heads to the trash trailer with the insulation)….once they get it to start separating (the toughest part of the job….crank it up to 9 and the wire will shoot through with no problem. When that piece is done, dial back to 4 and repeat. When you get done with that size…back the blade off and adjust the feed for the next size wire. We did had around 3000 pounds of copper (3/4″ copper or so) in LESS than 2.5 hours. It was stunning. My daughter was one of the helpers and made a video I will post. Great product, read the instructions (very very very simple) and back that blade off before you feed. Slowly adjust it down until it makes only the cut you need.. I am sure that with the proper infeed and outfeed tables (with a jacket core separator) that this is a one person machine but we had fun listening to tunes and it was well worth it to pay the daughter and her boyfriend for 8 hours. I suspect most problems are from not separating the wire sizes and starting each “size” with things out of adjustment. Machine is very very quite and will not interfere with listening to tunes and telling dumb dad jokes.

  13. Budmxx (verified owner)

    Is the best investment I could have ever made. it is very well built and easy to operate. 2 people stripped 2500 lbs of 750 25kv underground cable in 4 hours. Paid for itself in less than an hour.. only regret is not purchasing one sooner.

  14. Vincent tedeschi

    I have been operating wire stripping machines for 55 years. The e2000x is by far best I have ever used. Vincent 5/22/18

  15. jason clark

    Stripped 3,800 pounds of 500 mcm cable in 6 hours with 2 guys. 1 running the wire through the machine and the other peeling off the jacket and crating it. The strip meister E200X had no problem cutting the cable wide open with average lengths of 30-40 feet. We earned an extra 33% on the copper by stripping it bare which paid for the machine that day. Very impressed with the machine and would highly recommend it to anyone.

  16. Timothy coston (verified owner)

    Awesome machine paid for itself within hours

  17. Lori (verified owner)


  18. Ricky M

    It took three working days of stripping 2600 lbs of 2/0 & 4/0 copper cable. Used the stripmeister for only 8 hours during the three days. I got faster the more I used it. Very please with the unit.

  19. RBL Enterprises, LLC (verified owner)

    Worth its weight in gold. No problems. Works great.


    AMAZING TIME SAVER. So glad we decided to spend the money. It will pay for itself in no time. VEEY VERY PLEASED WITH PURCHASE.

  21. Anthony Gomez

    What an excellent machine. I am very impressed of the quietness when you turn the machine on. Its a workhorse. Very satisfied with the E2000X Model. I do have other strip machines but its no way comparable.

  22. Harold Green [J&H Metal Co.] (verified owner)

    Just setting up on a new table, getting ready to try it out. he other stripper I bought works great. So far very happy.

  23. Krissy (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this machine. Gets the job done quickly. Blade lasts a long time.

  24. Tom G

    StripMeister is easy to use and it strips all sizes of wire quickly and easily

  25. Hally T (verified owner)

    I am a small company with minimal scrap wire so every nickel increase on our scrap wire has an advantage on our bottom line. StripMesiter almost doubles my money on scrap wire and is very easy to use.

  26. Kathy G (verified owner)

    I like the quickness of StripMeister. So far I have stripped copper wire for 150 hours and the blade is still like new. In 6 hours I have stripped 25000 dollars worth of copper.

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