Why Choose a StripMeister™

January 7, 2014
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The StripMeister™ has so many compelling reasons why it is the top choice for your wire stripping needs. Here are a few:

Constructed from Solid aircraft grade aluminum alloy – will never bend or distort will literally outlast any other tool in your tool box!

All precision machined with 5axis CNC milling technology – (no other wire stripper fits so well together and operates so smooth)

Fit and finish is far superior to that of all competitor models – all components have been precision machined and finished

Order taken and shipped immediately from warehouse– ensuring prompt delivery (don’t wait 4 weeks or more – start making money now)

Built in ROMEX adapter:

  • Enables multi-layer wires to be cut in one shot – will save an additional 33%of your time over other automatic wire strippers
  • Prevents thin and soft wire from escaping the blade – other wire strippers often jump the track which wastes time

Can easily be mounted in three convenient methods:

  • Clamp on bench
  • Bolt down on wood or bench
  • Secure in a vise (this is not a hand-held device..)

German engineered and made in North America

300% return on your scrap copper wire when it is stripped

The value of bright copper wire is 3-4 times that of insulated wire. If you normally sell insulated wire to a salvage yard, you can be guaranteed that the StripMeister™ will pay for itself in possibly one visit

You can strip thousands of feet of wire in the time it would take you to do a few hundred by hand. No longer do you have to use the Utillity knife or hecksaw to remove the insulation from the copper wire

With this process you are sustaining the environment by recycling the materials

Perfect inexpensive Solution for Home Owners, Scrappers, workshops, Electricians and recyclers alike

No tools required! (unlike some other machines) to adjust the machine for different wire-sizes—because you WILL lose them

Get your StripMeister™ today!

Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!