StripMeister Wire Stripping Machine Lineup

StripMeister Wire Stripping Machine Lineup

Constructed from solid aircraft grade aluminum alloy these precision wire stripping machines can strip thousands of feet of wire in the time it would take you to do a few hundred by hand.

Powerful & Affordable Wire Stripping Machines

These StripMeisters are perfect for scrappers, Electrical companies, recycling yards or anyone who comes in contact with scrap wire piles up to 1000MCM gauge 35.6mm/1.4 inch diameter
  • StripMeister Original

    USD $259.00 $179.00

    Highest quality automatic drill powered wire stripping machine on the market! It is safe to use, ultra reliable, fast and will last a lifetime.

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  • StripMeister E250

    USD $599.00 $449.00

    All the portability, reliability and affordability from the original, but now you can strip faster and easier thanks to an advanced new power addition.

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  • StripMeister E350

    USD $699.00 $579.00

    The perfect wire stripping machine with heavy duty knife and 15mm drive with larger spiral groove feeders shaft almost double the strength of the E250

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  • StripMeister E500

    USD $1089.00 $959.00

    Featuring 1/3 HP DC variable speed motor coupled with precision gearbox, delivers high torque & precise adjustable cutting speeds.

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Industrial Automatic Wire Strippers

Top of the line automatic wire stripping machines that’ll work around the clock on all gauge sizes making them the most versatile industrial machines in their class to outlast & outperform anything that strips up to 2000MCM.
  • StripMeister E1000

    USD $1,375.00 $1,199.00

    1/2 HP variable speed Motor coupled with a precision gear box and a PWM variable speed controller delivers high torque and precise adjustable cutting speeds.

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  • StripMeister E2000

    USD $1,649.00 $1,399.00

    This industrial grade automatic wire stripper features a 1 HP DC motor with variable speed drive yet plugs into any 110V AC Outlet.

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  • StripMeister E2000X

    USD $1,899.00 $1,699.00

    Enhanced with new spiral groove technology feeder drive, double slider front guide, built in Romex adaptor and the upgraded DC Drive speed controller.

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