Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what customers throughout North America have said about their real world use of the StripMeister™ E2000


Comments: It is very powerful and easy to set…. StripMeister™ does what I was told it would do!!! It processed over 7000 lbs of wire and no noticeable wear to cutting wheel. This machine operates in cold weather the same as warm. It is very reliable. The StripMeister™ E2000 paid for itself in less than 10 hours


Comments: we are very excited in the performance of our purchase of the StripMeister™ 2000. We had a chance to use our machine on a big project, WOW, the compact ability of this machine and its performance is astonishing. I would definitely recommend this machine to others. Wire stripping has a whole new meaning to me, easy as 1,2,3= money, money, money. We’re laughing all the way to the bank. Thank You Stripmeister™.



Comments: I used this machine to remove contaminated insulation from wires so the wires could be recycled. The StripMeister™ quickly did the job of stripping the wires using very low man-hours compared to other methods of insulation removal. Removing the insulation made the recycle revenue for the wires to be almost triple what it would have been. The machine more than paid for itself in just a few weeks.


Comments: This machine is compatible and with reasonable price. Buying experience is good. We strip the overall jacket of our scrap cord and then strip the individual conductors. We work with 4-wire 4ga down to 4- wire 12 ga Product is good