Stripmeister Original

World's Best Selling Wire Stripping Machine.

Highest quality automatic drill powered wire stripping machine on the market! It is safe to use, ultra reliable, fast and will last a lifetime.



(765 customer reviews)
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StripMeister™ Original

Drill Powered Wire Stripper

Highest quality automatic drill-powered wire stripping machine on the market! It is safe to use, ultra reliable, fast, and will last a lifetime.

Pays for itself fast!




(765 customer reviews)
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Machine Features


Includes ULTRA GRIP Feeder Technology

Will bite and untangle all mangled wires effortlessly without any jams. Also, our new contoured wire feeding guides prevent all wire slipping

Capacity & Performance

Effortlessly strips all sizes from #18 wire To 250 MCM, diameters from 0.08″ (2mm) Up To 0.79″ (20.1mm) Including ROMEX and braided (stranded) wire

More than 50lbs of stripping power

Pays for itself in minutes when constantly stripping many common wires

Dedicated Romex slot


Constructed from solid aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with the Drive shaft from stress-proof steel.

Blades and feeders are precision machined from heat-treated tool steel. Most people claim to strip 8000 – 10000lbs of wire and the blade is still like new.

All precision machined with 5-axis CNC milling technology

All machines are engineered and built in North America


Trusted by thousands of copper wire recyclers as the best choice copper wire stripper with hundreds of 5 star reviews

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Customer Gallery

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StripMeister Original Second Generation Wire Stripping Machine
Why Buy StripMeister Original Wire Stripping Machine
StripMeister With Insane ULTRA GRIP Technology

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765 reviews for StripMeister Original Drill Powered Wire Stripping Machine

  1. Garrett (verified owner)

    Awesome! It works amazingly well. I’m able to strip all sizes of wire and it even strips old damaged copper wire. It just rips right through it. Easy to setup and dial in. Being an electrician for 37yrs and stripping alot of wire makes me wonder why I didn’t have the strip meister 37 yrs ago! Lol. Way to go on a great product.

  2. Steve (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the purchase of this wire stripper, so convenient and easy to use. Such a time saver would definitely recommend!!

  3. Tanner Knoblauch (verified owner)

    I think my wife likes it more than me…

  4. Brian N (verified owner)

    This wire stripping machine works incredibly!! I have only stripped #12 wire and it works like a charm. 1000 time better that a POS from Amazon that kept slipping off the cutting wheel. The stripmeister never slipped off. It grabbed and cut the wire perfectly at full speed using a 20v DeWalt cordless drill. The simple cutting wheel adjustment is a huge difference making this the best machine available, hands down. High, durable quality too. Thanks Stripmeister!!

  5. Michael Bailey (verified owner)

    Works great! Exactly what was advised

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