StripMeister Original Automatic Wire Stripping Machine


USD $259.00 $179.00 4.91 ( 355 customer reviews)


  • Highest quality automatic drill powered wire stripping machine on the market! It is safe to use, ultra reliable, fast and will last a lifetime
  • Trusted by thousands of copper wire recyclers as the best choice copper wire stripper
  • Available Retro-Fit Kit to easily upgrade to powered machine from drill powered
  • Constructed from solid aircraft grade aluminum alloy
  • Includes an extra blade ($29.99 Value)
  • Built in “ROMEX” adapter
  • Blades and feeders are precision machined from heat treated tool steel
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Wire reference indicators reduces setup time between wires by up to 75%
  • NEW contoured wire feeding guides eliminates all wire jams
  • Drive shaft from stress proof steel
  • All precision machined with 5axis CNC milling technology
  • Strips all sizes from #18 wire to 250 MCM, Diameters from 0.100″ (3mm)  up to 0.79″ (20.1mm) including ROMEX and braided (stranded) wire
  • DIMENSIONS: 5lbs 8x5x4 inches


  • SALE PRICE: Save $80
  • FREE SHIPPING: Save up to $45
  • FREE EXTRA BLADE: Value $30

Manufactured and assembled in North America
All StripMeister copper wire strippers ship direct from warehouse to almost anywhere!

$259.00 $179.00


Built in “ROMEX” adapter


heat treated tool steel


Heat treated tool steel


Solid aircraft grade aluminum alloy


Strips all sizes from #18 wire to 250 MCM


Wire reference indicators – reduces setup time between different wires by up to 75%


Improved stripping performance for all wire gauges with the new dedicated wire feeding guides contoured to eliminate all wire jams and slipping

355 reviews for StripMeister Original Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

  1. Jim Gsaparas (verified owner)

    Inexpensive stripper works very well

  2. William Magee (verified owner)

    Easy to use. Did exactly what it said it would. Worth every penny.

  3. Levi Schmitt (verified owner)

    Works amazing even for that heavy copper!!

  4. Nick (verified owner)

    Simple, easy, and worked like a charm

  5. Raymond M Green (verified owner)

    This little wire stripper is easy to use & makes quick work out of a pile of wire. For me it will pay for itself after the first trip to the scrap yard. I like how I opened the box & it was ready to go. Thank you for this product that I wish I would’ve had 20 years ago.

  6. Dawn Sanders (verified owner)

    Works great. Wish we had it years ago.

  7. Rick (verified owner)

    Great stripper!
    Works great and well built.

  8. Shane Laughlin (verified owner)

    Works seamlessly. Great product. Would purchase again.

  9. Keith Stankiewicz Sr (verified owner)

    Awesome tool wish I would of gotten it a long time ago. Only thing is I wish where you hooked the drill up was a little longer.

  10. Josh reitz (verified owner)

    Works great. Paid for itself in the first 30 minutes.

  11. Jeanie Westerman (verified owner)

    Bought this for my husband. He couldn’t contain his excitement after using it for the first time. It has cut down on time when stripping wire.

  12. Zeth Tanner (verified owner)

    Amazing product!!! Only issue I have had is when I strip #12 wire sometimes it doesn’t catch and maybe that is user error but everything else is really smooth and super fast! Love it!

  13. Tim Summey (verified owner)

    Love it works great

  14. Aaron Armstrong (verified owner)

    Works great, easy way to scrap copper wire.

  15. Rich (verified owner)

    Once I got it dialed in, it works great. Saved me a lot of time and aggravation, I was trying to strip a pile of wire by hand.

  16. Dean Gonzales (verified owner)

    Fast Safe Efficient Clean
    Great Product!

  17. Troy Bakken (verified owner)

    It just works. Simplicity is perfection.

  18. John B Keller (verified owner)

    Very Good Quality! If you separate your wire by size and document the settings, it’s very easy to use.

  19. Andy (verified owner)

    Wish I had this when I was growing up. My Dad and all 4 uncle’s were electricians. 🥺🥺

  20. George

    I have had my original Stripmeister since 2014 and I am still amazed at the ease of use and what a great job it does for me. I just ordered a new feeder shaft assembly because I have stripped so many wires of all kinds that it it was getting worn down, after 5 years. I was also amazed at the speed that it was delivered to my house after ordering .Only took 1 day! Now I am back at it and going strong!
    I would love to know how many miles of wire I had put through this little rascal with ease. At 81 this is a great way to pass my free time and have fun too.. Thanks for an awesome tool.
    Also want to thank you for the great customer service.

  21. Randy jones (verified owner)

    I got this for my 84 year old father to use to occupy some of his time and to make a little money. It does everything you said it would and he loves it.

  22. John

    Amazing product! Very easy and quick to use

  23. SparkyScrap

    Pretty great little rig. Required a bit of trial and error to get it set up right for maximum efficiency but not too difficult. In just a few hours this thing has paid for itself.

  24. Jeffrey Lewis (verified owner)

    Well thought out product. There’s a bit of a learning curve, as some insulation was harder to strip due to type. Fun once set up, but with a little more practice I should be able to make things easier. I like it and once it pays for itself I’m going to order the upgrade motor kit. Would order again for sure

  25. Derwood Kinna (verified owner)

    It was everything I thought it would be. Very nice and does a good job

  26. Anthony Castillo (verified owner)

    This thing is built really nice, smaller than I thought it was but awesome. It takes a little bit to get it dialed in but once there holy cow is it awesome. Only thing I’ve found that holds it up is runni,g super slick wire through it in a hole that fits it because if the outer jacket is cut a little or if the wire doesn’t go straight in it binds up on the outer jacket.
    But with that said this thing is awesome and would recommend to everyone I do wish they made an automatic one with a variable speed foot pedal. That would make it super easy to use so you would have both hands free to guide it through straight.

  27. Joseph E. Aguirre


  28. Nick (verified owner)

    Great well made product easy to use

  29. Philip Barcomb (verified owner)

    Ver, very pleased with my stripper, I’ve done 1/2 ” cable 12 gauge three wire & lamp cord Getting use to the thin stuff for adjustment But I love it, turned in 133#already.
    Thanks for a wonderful machine.

  30. Frank Callahan (verified owner)

    Works great. Wish i would have bought one earlier. Easy to operate/maintain.

  31. brandon helwig

    Quality made product, great design! Saves lots of time and so much safer than stripping with a knife!

  32. R. Taylor (verified owner)

    Well built unit!
    We almost immediately upgraded to the retro fit kit with the variable speed motor, as we can see the potential of this item.

    Looking forward to adding a second unit to the shop soon!

  33. Dale (verified owner)

    Works great. Very well made with top quality. Would recommend to anyone.

  34. Greg Marlatt (verified owner)

    I wouldn’t think twice about buying another one worked great on everything I tried it on .

  35. Wayne

    Works great ,fast delivery needs a way to repeat
    Size adjustment when changing different wires ,
    Going to try a dial indicator

  36. Chris M (verified owner)

    Works Great! Should have bought one a long time ago. It’s worth its weight in gold

  37. MikeS (verified owner)

    Works great easy to set up exceeded my expectations

  38. Joseph Gonzales (verified owner)

    I wish I would have bought this 15 years ago. It’s very well made.
    There’s certainly a technique to using it but once you run a few hundred feet of wire you get a pretty good hang of it. It definitely helps to have a helper but It can be done solo too

  39. Peter evans (verified owner)

    Excellent product just took a long time to get to me maybe work on that

  40. Mike Godbey (verified owner)

    This works great, once you get the hang of it you move right along. Already paid for it self. So far no problems what so ever.

  41. Len (verified owner)

    Works great. Worth every penny.

  42. Anthony bishop (verified owner)

    Great quality , works as advertised would highly recommend

  43. David (verified owner)

    So far we are loving this machine. Stripped a few hundred bucks worth of wire in a few hours.

  44. Lonnie M. (verified owner)

    One of those tools that are worth their weight in gold. Great value.

  45. Todd (verified owner)

    Works really well trying different sizes of wire

  46. phil (verified owner)

    enjoy the way it grabs the wire regardless of how long it is and cuts it, except for a few times wire (smaller than 14 gauge) it thew the wire off to the side, no where near my cheap crap china one that i bought. i would like to see a larger and smaller hole’s that can be changed out. instead of buying a bigger unit .

  47. Kenneth McAtee (verified owner)

    Works great…cuts the time down by at least 75%

  48. Dylan K (verified owner)

    After you get the hang of it and setting the gauge correctly it works amazing, huge time save I can honestly say I’m happy with my purchase!

  49. Daniel lee (verified owner)

    This unit is amazing! Very high quality. Takes only a minute to adjust between sizes and can do 30 feet in under a minute! Paid for itself in 15 min!

  50. Robert Drew (verified owner)

    The quality and craftsmanship of this thing is second too none. I am very impressed with this unit, spend money to make money and this does just that!

  51. Joseph Vega (verified owner)

    I just finished testing the Strip Meister, and I am very impress of it’s performance, It cuts all the wires perfectly, what a machine. I can not recommended it enough, It is worth every penny of it. Now I will add the extension to make it the best wire stripping in the market. Thank You StripMeister.

    Crystal River, FL

  52. David Curlett (verified owner)

    took time to strip #14, but still amazing. Paid for itself in under an hour

  53. Edwin Glassford (verified owner)

    This thing is awesome. Romex & SO cord has to be run through a couple times, once for the outer insulation and then each insulated conductor separately, yet it still saves hours, if not days of stripping it manually. Highly recommended!

  54. Brian (verified owner)

    Works well with little setup. You just need to mess with the settings on it to figure it out…nothing big. Love it already.

  55. Rob (verified owner)

    Spectacular product. If you have ever spent time with that box cutter this is hands down the way to go. Quick and easy. You will start saving those smaller wire sizes as this tool makes it a snap to strip even #18 wire. Instructions are a little vague but its simple to figure out and set for each size. Finally found a stripper that works!

  56. Nicolas (verified owner)

    Great product. Well worth the investment.

  57. David Hoffart (verified owner)

    Really like the product works great and easy to use

  58. Joe Mitchell (verified owner)

    This is a lot better than a manual stripper.I would recommend this to to other people.Saving now for the attachment.

  59. Glen H (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend this tool to any electrical contractor that saves there scrap wire the tool works great paid for itself first 3 hours of use

  60. Mike (verified owner)

    Great machine

  61. David Simpson (verified owner)

    It takes a bit to get used to but once you get used to it, it’s fantastic. A video on how to properly set it up would be nice.

  62. Joe deP (verified owner)

    The StripMeister, basic “original unit” is all and more than expected. It is a well designed, rugged tool. Even the mounting screws were provided. It’s very easy to set-up and adjustment is easy and accurate. I used my Milwaukee cordless drill, 20V Lithium pack….Plenty of power. The design insures the cutting wheel stays where you put it throughout the stripping process. We were very anxious to put this tool to use, since I was removing insulation on #2 wire with a Dremel tool and diamond cutting wheel….Long and laborious. We set up for stripping #8, first on a spool, about 200ft. and then a number of short pieces, about 10ft. We put a pipe thru the spool and set it up close to the StripMeister. It easily/smoothly self fed. We set up the wire with a separator bracket to insure the insulation peeled away from the bare wire….Easy Peezy. . .!! This first use took only 15 minutes for this batch of wire to strip….This tool is fantastic…the use of the variable speed drill enhanced the control and smooth operation…steady feed/stripping…!! I would definitely recommend this stripping tool to anyone who recycles wire…It’s a must…saves time/energy and is super accurate. It’ll pay for itself in short time. If we get enough scrap wire to strip,…we may consider purchasing the “RetroFit Kit” for this StripMeister tool. Great tool/engineering design..!! Tks…Joe

  63. Chip (verified owner)

    Best wire stripper I’ve seen. This makes the job go so fast. I would recommend this to everyone.

  64. David Manning (verified owner)

    Here’s the story… I won an auction. We pick up the merchandise and find out it includes a mountain of 8awg wire. Enter the Stripmeister! Two days later, I have 380 pounds of bare copper. One day after that, I have a wad of cash from a scrap dealer. This machine is awesome! Learn the tips and tricks to make your world a bit easier. Simple, sturdy, and easy to use.

  65. Tyler Primmer (verified owner)

    Works great, best purchase I have made yet. Saves so much time.

  66. Rich (verified owner)

    So far works good keep u updated

  67. Robert O’Hara

    Just awesome!!!

  68. william (verified owner)


  69. Daniel Armstead (verified owner)

    This is one of the best investments I have made, What would take me 1or 2 weeks,now takes me less than 5 hours. I will never strip wire the old way EVER,Thank you this is a GREAT product.

  70. Amyr Rahim (verified owner)

    Works like a charm

  71. Kevin (verified owner)

    The stripmeister is awesome! Read the manual,dont be dumb and it’s so easy . It paid for itself in one day . The twenty degree angle is key and read the freaking manual :)’ thanks for this product, job well done.

  72. David S (verified owner)

    I’m happy I bought this tool. It definitely makes wire stripping easier. I used to do it with a utility knife, talk about tedious and time consuming. I’m replacing 50+ year old romex in the house and plus pick up scrap wire here and there. I have the drill powered model and once you figure out how to set the depth of the cutter, the work becomes almost no chore. No more insulated wire rate at the scrap yard!!

  73. Chris DeYoung (verified owner)

    Works very well. Paid for it’s self in the first pile of wire I stripped.

  74. Nathan Rethemeyer (verified owner)

    Such a time saver.
    Took a few runs to get it down, but definitely worth the price.
    Little tip for anyone looking to buy, raise the cutting blade about a quarter turn when switching from solid to stranded so it doesn’t cut the strands…
    Now, if only it had an adapter for mc….

  75. Derek Goodloe (verified owner)

    Really speeds up the process

  76. Oscar (verified owner)

    Great. Eady to use makes the job easy to complete

  77. Gastone Capobianco (verified owner)

    Amazing works like a dream

  78. Tim (verified owner)

    Very satisfied!!!

  79. Wayne Dudley (verified owner)

    Works great, I already recommended it to another, thanks so much!

  80. Michael (verified owner)

    Worked as stated, what a time saver

  81. Wendell (verified owner)

    Great product so far. Would like to thank them for folow-up on order since shipping address was different than billing address. Glad that they were looking out for their customers. Thanks

  82. Dale Fritz

    WOW!!!! AWESOME!!!!!

  83. Bill (verified owner)

    Well worth the investment, paid for itself immediately. Striped 700lbs in 3 hrs!

  84. Brian Hunter (verified owner)

    Works very well.

  85. John K (verified owner)

    Well built and works perfectly. Love that I can now strip #12 stranded and solid quickly without bringing it to the scrap yard covered

  86. Guero torres (verified owner)

    Best investment ever. Way better then a box cuter.

  87. Norfen (verified owner)

    Excellant precision machining gives consistent results . I am very happy with this tool

  88. Fredy Lopez (verified owner)

    Really good

  89. Dustin (verified owner)

    This machine does speed up your stripping process. All works well, but you must read/apply instructions on proper loading. Once you get it set up you can really get a lot of wire stripped quickly.

  90. janet

    great product compared to using my hand and a box cutter

  91. Kenneth Fields (verified owner)

    Well worth the money.

  92. Michael Snell (verified owner)

    Once you figure out how to adjust settings as per different gauge wires, this unit is priceless.

  93. Dan Dapkus (verified owner)

    Definitely a well built machine. I would consider this a industrial tool that will last a long time. well worth the money. High quality machining throughout.

  94. VALTONIA LUCAS (verified owner)

    I purchased this tool about a week ago, took a little while to get used to it, but once I learned how to use it, I really think it will be a major tool in my work area for recovery. I look forward to upgrading very soon. Thanks😊

  95. chris rhoads (verified owner)

    Makes everything soo much easier

  96. Randy Golden (verified owner)

    Awesome tool
    Paid for itself in a couple weeks
    Used on all different size wires
    Took a little to set up
    But once we got started we zipped right thru it

  97. thomas sutton (verified owner)

    Works great still in a learning curve but over time will get better

  98. chad (verified owner)


  99. Jared

    Awesome tool easy to use a must have

  100. STEVEN L MCNICOL ll (verified owner)

    I rate the stripmeister 10 * there’s Not Enough stars. I seen the stripmeister 2 years ago and now I hate myself very much for not purchasing one two years ago if you are looking at 1 I encourage you and I tell you it was worth buying one as soon as possible it will pay for itself. I applaud the team over at stripmeister for this awesome awesome machine no more cutting myself with a razor blade. All I asked of the team is please please promote this even more, harder something for those that are out there stripping wire. They must know about this they will buy this, they will love this, they will hate themself for not getting it earlier. So for anybody reading this review that’s thinking about buying a stripmeister original or an upgraded one whichever one it is. I tell you, you must buy it don’t think twice don’t think it’s the only money you got right now, for it will pay for itself quick fast and in a hurry. And I would also again like to tell the team at stripmeister thank you one more time very much for this amazing machine. I will be upgrading real soon

  101. Eric W. (verified owner)

    Love this machine!! Paid for it’s self in 2 hours!! Initial setup took about 20 minutes with some trial and error runs, but once I got it set up, it’s been non stop! I’ve even rented it out to make even more cash!! Very, very, pleased with this product, and would recommend it to anyone who has ever stripped wire the “old fashioned” way.

  102. Ed B (verified owner)

    I read other reviews and decided to purchase this machine. I haven’t used it on all the old wire I have laying around, but I played with setting it for 18 gauge electric cord wire. The cutter worked better than I expected. Very good product.

  103. Donald Line (verified owner)

    Worked really well stripped alot too. Was really surprised of how much it could do. Didnt even have to change blade. We liked it.

  104. Walter Mathews (verified owner)

    Put three 55 gallon drums of scrap wire through it the first week. Worked fantastic and ready for more !! Killer tool !!

  105. paul krack (verified owner)

    It may not pay for itself, as I am a hobby scrapper, but no comparison to using a regular knife. So much faster.

  106. Bradley Smith (verified owner)

    Better than what I expected

  107. Santiago Tamez (verified owner)

    Great tool! We adapted to it very easily and stripped all of our scrap wire in 1 day -about 900 dollars worth . Definite 5 star rating.

  108. nathanvowiell (verified owner)

    Wish I would of purchased one years ago. Absolutely worth every penny.

  109. Sal M (verified owner)

    I love this tool fast and very easy to operate. Service was very smooth. Delivery was very fast and on time I recommend this web site anyone looking for a strip master. I had my strip master set up and stripping in less than 10 minutes.

  110. Craig Weatherby (verified owner)

    Once adjusted, it slices through the insulation perfectly. This is a well built tool that should last for years even with heavy use.

  111. Mark D. (Dave) Hensley (verified owner)

    Outstanding product! In three days time, I’ve stripped almost 50 LBS of # 1 & #2 copper wire!! Mounting was easy. It has taken some trial and error to get the proper adjustment for each different size of wiring. I’m getting the hang of it now:) I was able to strip up to 25 feet of house wire at one time before stopping! Very Happy with this product. Should have looked for this years ago… Saving wear and tear on my right shoulder using that old manual wire stripper that’s going into our next garage sale…

  112. Tim (verified owner)

    Awesome tool! Totally worth it. Paid for itself in a couple weeks.

  113. Aren Gomes (verified owner)

    Paid for its self the first scrap run! Well built made right here in North America! Easy to use , don’t know why I waited so long to purchase!

  114. frank auten (verified owner)

    this is the best have used a lot of other machines Hey get the 250 powered machine it will save you $50 or more ,,,the drills work okay but the motor drive is fast powerful and really speeds up the stripping ………well designed very simple strong built heavy duty and replaceable parts Dave its the best in customer service !!! get one today paid for it 4 times over the first time over .just lucked into a tear down of an old building I had drove past many times ….stopped to look for any steam related items . saw some old piping ,,asked if it was to be junked ,,Bought it for almost nothing ,,,cut it (only to find out it had wire inside …..The guy just said well I didnt look far enough ,,,you did well now all you have to do is strip it and so I bought the machine and keep my eyes open or washers dryers air condition units any thing with cords load the up and wait for a rainy day ,,,,,ya just have to get out and look !

  115. Justin (verified owner)

    Quality product. Fast shipping. Little hard to get used to settings for different gauge wires at first But once you spend 5 or 10 mins using it its quick and easy. My dad says he wished he had one of these a few years ago when he was stripping wire.

  116. Ronald Purcell (verified owner)

    Does everything I need it to do.

  117. danieltingle1 (verified owner)

    Easy to use, saves a lot of time, very effective. Highly recommend the investment

  118. Robert (verified owner)

    Works great

  119. Francisco Aure

    Great stripper

  120. Dale

    Works quite nicely, really like the no mess insulation comes off in one piece no shavings like when you hand strip

  121. Marci Pickle (verified owner)

    Got it for my son and he loves it! He said it works great!

  122. Dale Waller (verified owner)

    Works good on small wire a little on harder on bigger wire

  123. James Dorman (verified owner)

    Very nice , I’ve racked my brain trying to figure out a quick and easier way to strip wire. The $200 I paid for this machine is well worth it. (GET -R – DONE )

  124. Duane Brown (verified owner)

    Shipped ASAP. Easy to set up. Even easier to use. Will definitely upgrade to a power drive if my scrap supply continues to grow. Excellent product. Thanks

  125. Alan (verified owner)

    This thing works great and fast should have got one a long time ago!!

  126. Evan Jewell (verified owner)

    It works great. I use to not strip my wire because it would take so long to do. Now I’m even striping romex.

  127. Keith Dabbelt (verified owner)

    This strpper is awesome. Works like it’s advertised. So fast it’s really amazing.

  128. Dan Wolfe (verified owner)

    I thought about buying one of these a year ago. I wish I did. This stripper works great. I actually look forward to using it!!

  129. Scott Flaugh (verified owner)

    Very happy with this. It has performed like advertised if not better. Whisk I would have bought sooner.

  130. john (verified owner)

    The price seamed high till I got it and used it .It is very well made and easy to use. Will pay for itself in one days use I also highly recommend this machine like other purchasers who took a chance and paid more trying to get their moneys worth This is the real deal

  131. jamie (verified owner)

    works very well

  132. Brian Getten (verified owner)

    After stripping wires by hand for a lot of years having sore hands from cuts and scrapes . Would have liked this type of stripping machine. Just started to use and figure out the machine. Unbelievable.

  133. Jimmie Sloop Jr. (verified owner)

    works like a charm.

  134. Justin Erickson (verified owner)

    Works great for me! Stripped 12 and 14 gauge Romex and stranded.

  135. JAVIS NELSON (verified owner)


  136. Vance Youtz (verified owner)

    Still learning the basics of it very simple yet some types of quick strip methods and lifting and lowering the blade accurately gets some getting used to but already paid itself off in one day.

  137. Dave (verified owner)

    Works great

  138. Avery Powelson (verified owner)

    Awesome has no problems stripping wire fast

  139. Dean Weathers

    This machine kicks ASS well worth the money has made my wire stripping so much easier and less time spent to get the job done!!! Easy to set up and even easier to use! I would highly recommend this product to anyone who strips wire it freaking Awesome!!! 👍👍👍

  140. Matt Berdovich (verified owner)

    All i can say is WOW!! This machine is a MACHINE!!!
    Although expensive, after using it i came to the conclusion that i would have paid twice what i did and still been impressed.
    The only negative thing i have seen about it is the blades dont last long. Only time will tell but i can say i have processed well over 200 pounds in the short period of time i have had it and its still slicing through like butter.
    Word of advice is to take your time when adjusting for different size wire and i think the blades will last. Dont dick around with cheap Chinese knock offs. Thise Canadians got it right with this one.
    All in all its the best investment i have made in recent memory.

  141. Josh

    Works great

  142. mwurm (verified owner)

    It took me a bit to get the hang of it but all I can say is WOW. What a time saver–makes stripping wire fun!

  143. Doug (verified owner)

    Just spent about 2 hours stripping a pile of wire ! Everything from 14ga. solid copper to 2/0 aluminum entry cable ! Still just running the unit with a 1/2″ battery powered drill for now, It worked flawlessly ! So easy to adjust and use !

  144. Robert Tilden (verified owner)

    Incredible product!! Beautifuly made and works like a charm!!

  145. Btad (verified owner)

    Very solid product

  146. Ralph Dennis (verified owner)

    This is a life saver ,makes short work out of striping wire, Great Investment.

  147. ANTHONY PETRZELKA (verified owner)

    Works great

  148. Ronald (verified owner)

    I was debating to get it and it’s the best investment I ever made.i I’m a welder and it slices the cable like butter.

  149. Mark (verified owner)

    Works as describe saves lots of time stripping my scrap cables.

  150. J C (verified owner)

    Kool product wasn’t sure what it could do , Bought it for my boss for x mas present ended up a early present LOL , works great a time saver beats stripping with a box knife hopefully he will upgrade it to a motorized that would be great.

  151. Larry Winfield (verified owner)

    Prior to having the Strip Meister I would not strip any wire smaller than a #8 because it was too difficult and took too much time. This machine works great not just on the small wire but the big wire as well. Great machine. I would recommend Strip Meister to anyone who scraps wire.

  152. Christopher Hernandez (verified owner)

    So much faster and you double your money the first time ! I’ve stripped 350 mcm with the base model like butter , highly recommend the stripmeister its a must have !

  153. jasonireland11 (verified owner)

    Best wire stripper I’ve ever used. I could put 100 feet through the stripper and it would perform perfectly. I recommend this to anyone who scraps wire.

  154. Pam (verified owner)

    This small machine works amazing. I had a lot of wire to strip. The machine made a difficult job extremely easy.

  155. Ron Muenks (verified owner)

    This tool is awesome! I love it.
    Why I took me so long to buy the StrpMeister ?
    I’m so glad I have it now. Works like advertised! Highly recommend it.

  156. DW (verified owner)

    A real time saver. Beats stripping with a knife which is very difficult in cold weather not to mention the mess created by insulation debris.
    A quality unit that makes stripping a snap.

  157. Anna (verified owner)

    This is the best thing I ever bought my husband. This the second one I have bought. I use it 90% of the time for my husband. Its so easy and fast. Great product and I would rate it a 10. Paid for itself many times over. Thank You!!

  158. James (verified owner)

    Awesome product works great wish I had gotten this long time ago

  159. Kevin Lyles (verified owner)

    it was delivered and I almost immediately hooked up my drill and started stripping wire. The wire I had was salvaged from florescent lights, maybe 18 gauge, so I ran some through. The smaller wire seemed to be a little more difficult to strip if it was not good and straight. Found out that if I ran it through backwards sometimes was easier, but mainly slow and steady did the trick. looking to running some of the larger wire through next.

  160. Israel Perez (verified owner)

    This tool is awesome!! I love it.

  161. Brian (verified owner)

    Works perfect very happy with product!

  162. Fred Nolasco (verified owner)

    What took me so long to buy the StrpMeister ?
    I’m so glad I have it now. Works like advertised .highly recommend it.

  163. MP (verified owner)

    Once you set it correctly, keep it at a low speed and call it dirty/sexy names it strips very well! Very nice design, great it comes with an extra blade. If you looking for a low cost wire stripper this is it. I have stripped about 500LBs of copper and have not had to replace the blade. Make sure the unit it mounted securely and you read the instructions on how to feed the wire it makes things a lot easier.

  164. Brad (verified owner)

    This machine is small, but it is a beast! Made my life much easier. Paid for itself in first use.

  165. Mark Thaxton (verified owner)

    Works great and built solid, money well spent!!

  166. Corey Bybee (verified owner)

    Fantastic tool! This thing will quickly and easily pay for itself.

  167. Colton Wildhaber (verified owner)

    It’s so great!! The first time stripping what wire we had it paid for the machine plus extra money for us. It was very well worth it!!

  168. william conti (verified owner)

    this item is worth every penny spent it has already repaid me and now its making me more money than i was getting for my copper its a little tricky getting adjusted to the wire gauge ans does let the wire slip away from the cutting wheel but just go a little slower and works just fine,if you scrap copper wire you need this item really pays off after the first time using it.highly recommended for even the novice

  169. PCM

    Works good when the wire is right. I have different gauge wires with different insulation. The wires that have a twisted style insulation do not stay centered on the drive wheels and move away from the cutting blade, and do not get cut. Otherwise, it works great on most of the wire that I’m dealing with.

  170. Thomas Haines (verified owner)

    It works as advertised.I am very happy with it.

  171. rigel barlow (verified owner)

    Machine literally paid for itself in 4 hours stripping 3-0 copper scraps

  172. Vincent R. (verified owner)

    This machine is the best $200 i have EVER spent. I got it in the mail very fast & after my first strip of wire on the StripMeister I said to myself, “Dude, I am in love.”
    I literally use this machine every day after work to strip scrap wire & it works like a charm.
    Thank You StripMeister!

  173. Kathie Dare (verified owner)

    This thing works great. My only regret is that I didn’t buy one sooner. It definitely paid for itself in no time at all. I would definitely recommend buying one!!!

  174. Steve Wing (verified owner)

    I agree with all the great reviews. There is a learning curve on setting it up for each different size wire. But, once dialed in the unit works great. I got it a few weeks ago and now have about 10 hours on it. A quality machine. Well done!

  175. Derek Lanier (verified owner)

    We love this thing, it arrived very quickly and paid for itself in the first day!!!!

  176. JK (verified owner)

    Works great. Able to get through wire in a significantly faster time than with manual stripper. Saves your hands too. Took some time to get positioned just right for wire to go through smoothly.

  177. Christopher Tierney (verified owner)

    It works just as advertised. Started stripping the minute I opened the box. Definitely worth the buy if you have a lot of wire laying around and would continue to collect wire. You will definitely make your money back

  178. larry (verified owner)

    took a couple times to adjust how to do a smooth job but after that no stopping me from doing a fine job thanks for great tecknolgy in a fine machine

  179. khankey (verified owner)

    Works great! Really simple to use.

  180. Clarence Boots (verified owner)

    Great little machine. I’ve paid for the machine in just a few days.

  181. Nestor (verified owner)

    Paid for itself in 1 day great machine.

  182. Carl Jones (verified owner)

    This works Great for my maintenance shop in our facility. Now we quickly strip all and are able to recycle at the clean rate $$ per pound for our shop party fund. Love it!

  183. Dave (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the quality and ease of the product! It’s a learning curve till you run a couple pieces of wire thru and get a feel for the cutting depths and settings. I had a variety of wire sizes to strip and put my headphones on and listen to my tunes and I was done in no time. It will definitely pay for itself. If it had 10 stars I’d give it !

  184. Charles (verified owner)

    Best thing I ever bought,. Works great

  185. Jack J Cooper (verified owner)

    This really is a great product. I almost bought it a year ago and didnt. Finally got one and i am really impressed at how well it works. Cant wait to get back to stripping.

  186. Kurt Edward Potysch

    I don’t know I haven’t gotten one yet. But it sure looks like a great concept. I’ve been electrician for 35 years, and I’ve stripped a lot of scrap copper. I sure wish they would have been invented something like this a long time ago! My only concern is that it doesn’t strip 500 KCMills. When gutting a building you always want to go for that 500 first. Which I would still do even if I had a machine that could strip but couldn’t strip that. I usually just cut it into 10 or 15 foot lengths, lay it on a cement floor have a basement or garage, and run a sharp razor blade down the entire length. Then you can just peel the insulation right off. But if it could do everything from 250 Casey Mills and smaller, that would be a godsend!

  187. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Very happy with the purchase. This machine is very well built and works great! Made my money back in just a few hours.

  188. Jackson Allen (verified owner)

    This is one of the best investments I have ever made. I was skeptical at first but when I ran my first piece of wire through this amazing device I i was very impressed whit how well and fast it works. Would most definitely recommend

  189. Mariela (verified owner)

    Bought it for my Fiancee and he loves it. Makes his job easy and fast.

  190. J Degen (verified owner)

    This works better than I ever anticipated. It is worth every penny I payed for it. Well built. And what a time saver, could not be more pleased with it.

  191. Gertis Fordjour-Johnson


  192. Nelson (verified owner)

    The best tool I bought I recommend

  193. Edward Norek (verified owner)

    Got my stripmeister in and set it up the very next day. Had some 10/6 MC that I’d been stripping with a razor knife off and on. By the time I would untwist a single bundle, straighten it out and strip it with the razor knife would take me about an hour. I had 14 budles still to do. All I did was untwist the bundles and fed the wires through the stripmeister. No straightening needed. I did ALL 14 bundles in UNDER two hours!! I should have bought this DECADES ago!!

  194. Fred Barnes (verified owner)

    works great

  195. Pat Houlihan (verified owner)

    Works well, had to set deeper than I hoped to make ripping easy hoping the blade stays sharp for a while. Other than that feeds nice and quickly. Would buy again. Stays set at depth when tuning even after a few hundred yards of wire through Which is awesome

  196. Brock Parker (verified owner)

    This thing is amazing once you figure out how to use it.

  197. Nick G (verified owner)

    Great product, clean and efficient!!

  198. Elgin washington (verified owner)

    The best

  199. KEVIN BORTNER (verified owner)

    Tool is absolutely amazing. Actually looking forward to stripping more wire now. Worth every dollar.

  200. Chris Jarrell (verified owner)

    Great tool. Sure beats a knife.

  201. Lance (verified owner)

    It’s an amazing piece of craftsmanship. I stripped out 400 pounds of copper in about four days that I hand would have taken a month and a half. I highly recommend it. Wished I had it 20 years ago

  202. Byron Patterson (verified owner)

    I have not tried my strip meister yet. It arrived Friday, so with family activities this weekend there is no time for a trial run. As I was unpacking my strip meister, I see much better quality than my much cheaper wire stripper. I’ll update my review once I use it for a while.

  203. Matt J

    awesome tool what else can I say!!!

  204. Tony (verified owner)

    Should have bought one years ago…..I think my 15 year old son loves it more than I do.

  205. Garry Schoelles

    This tool looks like it will make me more money.

  206. Charles Kibbons

    I had to try it out the first day it arrived. WOW! WAS I ever pleased. Fast , smooth, and everything I had hoped it would be. I couldn’t have been more satisfied. Thanks for a great product.

  207. Eric E (verified owner)

    Great product. Very easy to set up and I stripped 40lbs in about an hour with this product. Would recommend this to anyone.

  208. john TANGO (verified owner)

    I’ve save some much time stripping my wires, and now I’ve started to strip smaller wires as to increase my $$$ at the scrapyard,

  209. Richard (verified owner)

    This stripper is just awesomeStripped every size wire that Fit and no issues quality is number one and it’s price reasonable Five star for sure

  210. Cody N (verified owner)

    Worth every penny. This machine was everything I expected it to be. Extremly well made.

  211. Ken Fenske (verified owner)

    Love the machine. It works like a dream. Well worth the money.

  212. Mark Reed (verified owner)

    Absolutely enjoy this product. It has saved me SO much time. It is definitely worth the price. High quality construction..highly recommend it.

  213. Kurt (verified owner)

    Works awesome and is cheap will not buy another type and plenty of replacement parts for it too

  214. eric (verified owner)

    cool too !!!

  215. Derek (verified owner)

    It is well-built and works as advertised. Once you are familiar with set up, you can strip wire quickly.

  216. Eddie Held

    Awesome machine. Make your own variable speed by plugging your electric drill into a Variac. Shazamm.

  217. Robert Barbier (verified owner)

    Works great. No complaints!

  218. Peter Arnold (verified owner)

    finally set up the stripmeister last weekend. was very pleased with the ease of stripping wire. very pleased i purchased the stripmeister.

  219. Jim Farless

    Great product.Paid for itself on first day of use wish I had found it last year.. I stripped more wire in four hours with the strip meister than one week without.

  220. Mark P. (verified owner)

    Outstanding product. Well built. This does exactly what is advertised. Easy to use and works very well on all the different lengths of scrap wire I had laying around. Worth every penny.

  221. Lew S.

    Best investment I ever made, stripping wire is so fast should have bought it years ago!!!!!!

  222. morrisjudd74 (verified owner)

    Surprised that it woks as well as it does……Great Product, sturdy and reliable.

  223. James Davidson (verified owner)

    Good quality heavy duty machine. Works great ! Be patient until you figure out the set up for different size wires, then go to town making money. Easy five stars

  224. Bob Kletzli (verified owner)

    The only suggestion I have is to peak the top of the guide holes to center the wire better. (like a tear drop) I rigged my machine with a !/2″ MKE
    pistol grip drill. (grip up) I ran a 3″ piece of 3/8″ ø althread thru where the screw in handle goes, welded 3/8″ nuts on 2 pieces 3/16 x 1″ wide strap
    4″ long. Drilled 3/8″ø hole in the other end to attach short angles that screw down to a short plank. You can control the speed with your right hand
    and feed the wire with your left hand. This works great as you have complete control of everything. Great little machine!

    Bob Kletzli

  225. Nathan C

    Good product, works as advertised

  226. Rick

    it is a friggin wire eating monster that doesnt stop

  227. Joe Mama (verified owner)

    After looking at that copy cat very poor quality brand x’s out there, it’s nice to have a QUALITY product from North America!!! I guess as the saying goes U get what U pay 4. Pay one time for the quality you wish could get from a copy cat product from overseas. Product is equal to or better than some USA products.

  228. Bryan Willing (verified owner)

    Works very well even in cold weather .

  229. Gary Rohloff jr (verified owner)

    We were very impressed with how well this stripper works. We scrap alot of wire and has cut the time and work by alot we want to go out and get the job done.

  230. Laci Yaney (verified owner)

    Been kicking around the idea of buying something like this for a while and I’m so glad I stumbled across this product when I did. Works far better than I expected, and I didn’t think it would do 14g, but it proved me wrong tenfold. I would definitely recommend this product.

  231. Tim Snell (verified owner)

    Works great, love this thing

  232. Chuck Jones (verified owner)

    Once I figured out how to set it up for the different size wires it ran like a charm. I think I will add the motor just to not have to deal with the drill coming loose. Great device especialy for the price. I can make enough money to pay it off in no time.

  233. Donnie Simmons

    This thing is awesome. I’ve made my money back tenfold

  234. C Gregg Carpenter (verified owner)

    Excellent machine, started off with the original stripper, then upgraded it with the motor !
    Nice and quiet, smooth running, and does a great job !
    Glad I bought it !

  235. Tim Gentry (verified owner)

    Product is exactly what was expected. Works great.

  236. Rj Robicheau (verified owner)

    Wire stripper worked great, and heavyduty. not cheap Chinese crap. I do lots of remodeling and had a few barrels of wire saved up. Made enough to pay for itself and more also gave me something to do in the subzero weather. Highly recommended

  237. Peter r (verified owner)

    Excellent product just as described very easy to use and stripping wire was never this easy scrapped so much wire in 2hrs saved me so much time.I would definitely recommend this product to others works like it should very happy.

  238. Ronnie S (verified owner)

    Quality is great and Lucy (yes I named my stripper) is a money maker!! I have had no issues stripping all sizes wires and lengths!! Works great and saves me so much time!!

  239. James Messing (verified owner)

    Great product. It saves a lot of and makes stripping wire a lot easier. Thanks Strip Meister.

  240. Rob Edmisten (verified owner)

    Havnt had a lot of free time to use it very much. But what little I did was way faster and easier than using a razor knife. At this point wish I would have purchased one years ago.

  241. Lucas (verified owner)

    Runs like a scalded dog!

  242. Patrice (verified owner)

    Great product!! Saves so much time and energy!! Strips wire with ease and it is super fast!! I love it!!

  243. Kelby Liming (verified owner)

    Great product strips wire very fast. Very high quality product. Very well made. I would definantly recommend getting one.

  244. Charlie (verified owner)

    Saves so much time. We were stripping wire by hand. Great price great product.

  245. Chris Randall (verified owner)

    This thing is amazing it saves so much time makes making more money even easier I recommend it to anybody that collects copper wire. I’m sick of stripping it by hand now I can just hold a drill and it does it for me unbelievable it’s awesome!!!

  246. Evert Yager

    Very happy so far with stripper. I mainly get old construction grade extensions cords and it handles them with ease. Would like to be able to change stripper over to a crusher type to keep from dulling the blade on soild core wire. I would like to see stripmeister come out with after market rolls to replace blade and V roll

  247. Kirt P. (verified owner)

    The StriMeister is of top quality manufacturing. I spent 40 years in Manufacturing, Mechanical Design and Engineering, and Project Management of multi-million dollar machine design and build projects. I know quality when I see it. I’ve stripped large cable and cable much smaller then the manual says it’s capable of. I actually separated the 4 insulated wires from a 4 flat trailer wiring kit I removed from my old trailer. The outside diameter of the insulation is 3/32. No problem. I stripped all four 18 foot long wires. Great job StripMeister.

  248. Rob (verified owner)

    I am a commercial electrician of 6 years, and as you can imagine, I collect a LOT of scrap wire of various sizes. If you are looking for a way to strip wire efficiently without spending a fortune, I highly recommend purchasing an original stripmeister. Once you figure out how to properly adjust the blade and guide holes to whatever size wire you’re working with, it’s all downhill. I’ve got the technique down now. If you want to minimalize the time you spend stripping, I suggest you separate all the different sizes into piles, making sure the wire is straightened out as much as possible, as kinks will jam up in the machine. Once you have a good pile of prepped insulated wire of the same size, adjust your stripmeister to the right setting, and off you go. It’s virtually effortless at that point, the prep work is the most time consuming part rather than the actual stripping. Hands down without a doubt this was a good investment for me, I doubled the worth of my scrap in about a week, and we’re talking several hundred pounds. Also customer service is pretty on point. I had asked a question about my order before it arrived and they responded very quickly with good information. I don’t usually leave reviews but I was pleased with the effectiveness and overall quality of the machine, so I think stripmeister deserves a good review.

  249. Allen (verified owner)

    Great product all around for a great price well constructed I have striped everything from 20 ga to 2 ga thhn and it doesn’t care

  250. donovon.campbell (verified owner)

    Hands down a must have if you have more than 100 lbs of copper. It pays for itself and will get the job done in no time. This device has turned my frustration of having to spend hours with a razor knife hacking away at small wires to a simple joy and pleasure to do so. Life changer. Like everyone else I wish I would have purchased sooner. Thanks stripmiester. I even taped my cordless drill trigger with some tape so that all I have to do is slide the wire in and bam, on to the next piece. I just slide my battery on for on and take my battery out for off. Works like a charm.

  251. Jesse Perez fraga (verified owner)

    I love this tool! It did the work that would’ve taken me over eight hours in about one hour.

  252. William Doeberl (verified owner)

    Wow should of had this a long time ago. Definitely will pay for this on my first trip to scrap yard….

  253. Tommy B (verified owner)

    I was sick & tired of cutting my hands stripping wire with a razor knife. I should have bought this machine a long time ago. Extremely easy to use, Strips wire very fast. I’m using mine with a small cordless drill! This machine is second to none

  254. Vincent Gacusan (verified owner)

    Very nice machine, great product 100% I’m very happy ???

  255. Russell Hackenburg (verified owner)

    I wish I had this machine 10 years ago. It is amazing the way it strips the insulation off. The scrap yard owner had a big smile on his face when he saw that shiny copper. I made 60 cents more a pound and more than half the work involved. The workmanship of the tool itself is fantastic. Very well made.

  256. Matthew j Haney (verified owner)

    Great tool works better than my old coppermine stripper love it

  257. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Good quality product! It will pay for itself in one or two trips to the recyclers.

  258. Franklin Gunter (verified owner)

    Works great for the amount of wire I have to strip.

  259. J Hayes

    Great little machine does what it says it does. I have found that it has a hard time doing the old romex the real old fiber stuff. But once you get the out side off it flys through the individual wire. I do it a 5 gallon bucket in under 10 minutes

  260. LaVerne (verified owner)

    I haven’t used mine yet as I just got it but I watched my nephew use it and it is awesome.

  261. Leroy Clark

    Not many items come out of the box and do like it is advertised. Yes the Strp Meister did and my only concern is that I didn’t purchase this unit earlier.

  262. Chase (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Built and designed very well. I use mine with a drill and its almost effortless to double your scrap cooper money. Only draw back, the price is high for the product. I think realistically $100 less would be a good price. But its still a great product.

  263. Jason Malone (verified owner)

    The Stripmeister is better than I expected. I’m an electrician and I end up with lots of partial rolls, of #12, #10 wire. So far this machine has stripped 10’s of 1,000’s of feet, still using the first blade. It hasn’t even shown any signs of dulling yet, I’m serious, 10’s of 1,000’s of feet. It is built like a tank. I use an 18V Milwaukee drill to turn it, yes I have the base model. This machine paid for itself several times over, now everything it strips is pure profit. Works best if you’ve got a couple extra hands to pull off the insulation…my kids help me. I love it. Buy this machine if you have scrap wire to sell.

  264. Dino

    At first I was like I don’t really need it I don’t get that much wire I watch on YouTube ppl using it. So I’m redoing my boat. And I need all the extra cash I can get so I got mines today ? And all I can say is WOW. It’s a joke and so easy and fast I did 3 spools in 20 min and that’s takeing of all the plastic to. The best money I every spent to make money and I’m not even big time.

  265. apb (verified owner)

    It s a good tool works well and priced right

  266. Todd Fournier (verified owner)

    Great product. Works as described, easy to use instructions.

  267. Thomas (verified owner)

    Excellent! It light weight, yet durable, and cuts everything extremely fast. One of the best investments I’ve ever made.

  268. Brian Lakoduk (verified owner)

    Works good! Well built, makes stripping wire a lot faster

  269. Gonzalez Y. (verified owner)

    It gets a little confuse getting use to use different wire sizes. I just made $1500 in a day from all the cuts that I save from different jobs. Next I’ll buy the E1000……

  270. Gene (verified owner)

    Had trouble with old style “romex” with cloth sheath, it was easier to cut the outer layer of cloth with knife, and then the inner plastic with the machine. I mounted it in my drill / mill vise and drive it with the post drill. Works fine with a foot switch to stop and start as needed.
    I would recommend the machine. Wish I’d gotten it years ago.

  271. William Kuxhaus (verified owner)

    I really wish I had bought this sooner, works great.

  272. Mike R. (verified owner)

    Wish i bought it years ago. Great product.

  273. ignacio carrillo (verified owner)

    ot work really fine… need a little time to get use to… work great for the purpused…

  274. Kenneth Willis (verified owner)

    Its a good to have save time and money

  275. Jerry Barrick (verified owner)

    So far this is working great stripping up to 4/0 wire no problem takes a bit to get use to it worth the purchase

  276. Thomas Pfersching (verified owner)

    I love this machine. I had 2, 55gal drums of wire and it went through it like butter. I was able to use the machine with or without a drill. I would recommend this to anyone who has a lot of wire.

  277. John Anderson (verified owner)

    Excellent tool, does what it supposed too do, it is also very simple to operate and adjust. Prior to using it, we took our wire in and were paid $0.70 per pound. Now that we strip our wire first we get $2.30 per pound. We hope to gain 15% each month on our recycled material.

  278. Chris (verified owner)

    Thus is a great little machine i striped about 3/4 of 55 gallon drum in about 3 hours didnt damage the wire worked great

  279. Jimmy (verified owner)

    Just tinker with it, get it adjusted right and then stripping wire is a breeze. Highly recommend it

  280. Kevin S (verified owner)

    I’m in love this is the best thing ever! Wish I had bought one years ago. Strips wire fast and makes clean up faster too. No small pieces to sweep up like with a razor knife. Awesome product!

  281. Mike (verified owner)

    Excellent product,it took less time stripping and cashing it in. Very pleased I would recommend this product to everyone.

  282. Bob D. (verified owner)

    Awesome craftsmanship. Executes exactly as shown in the video. Very happy with my investment and highly recommend this product.

  283. Joe Duffey (verified owner)

    I don’t know why I ever hesitated purchasing it.

  284. Dave Groat (verified owner)

    This is a robust piece of equipment that comes in a small package. The quality is top notch, it works exactly as described and once you dial in your wire size this little dynamo is all business. Well worth the purchase price, it will pay for itself the first time I take in a load of scrap.

  285. Alonso

    Only took a few hours to strips over 300 lbs of wire from #6 all the way down to #12 this thing didn’t skip a beat just kept on going

  286. Mike (verified owner)

    Decades of waiting on sunny days to make stripping easier and using a knife. No more. This machine has saved my hands back and knees. Alone, I stripped 500 lbs of #2-250 MCM in about 2-1/2 hours. At current prices $1,200 +. Excellent workmanship on this tool and easy to use. Wish I bought the larger model for my larger wire. I highly recommend this American made product.

  287. Roland

    GREAT product. Believe me save your hands. worked perfect wish I would have found out about it a long time ago.

  288. David Merriam

    Great tool far exceeded my expectations 1st use did 600# of 1/0 + 2/0 cable in the time I did 100# before doing it by hand . Can’t say enough good about this well designed tool. Recommend to everybody. 10 stars for this one! Glad I found stripmeister!

  289. Jesus Munoz (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with this machine, I could of bought 3 of these with the money I made with my first load I sold. Very easy to use. The only thing I would suggest is to turn down your cordless drill setting from high to low to lower the rpm’s. This will prevent from overheating your drill. I highly recommend this product.

  290. Brad hadaway (verified owner)

    Great machine, just bought and started using and it’s awesome. Would recommend it to anybody

  291. Robert (verified owner)

    This is a truly amazing tool!Been stripping wire for years by hand and now wish I had bought this sooner.Does exactly what it says it will do. My grand kids think that it’s fun and help me when stripping wire.Well worth the money. I would recommend this stripper to anyone that’s interested in it.Plus free shipping and super fast delivery, you can’t beat it.

  292. Louis DeGuilmi Jr (verified owner)

    Only have it clamped to bench to try out, but it works great. Plan on mounting it to a board when I get a chance. It should pay got itself in no time.

  293. Patrick adelhelm (verified owner)

    Great product! I’ve had hundreds! of pounds of wire laying around jus waiting until I could collect enough bare bright to afford this fine machine. so the day i received it you could say I stripped about 300 pounds of copper I would say thousands of wires, the component underneath the blade, the wheel or which ever you would call it seems to be wearing out quickly and possibly wearing grooves into the wheel from stripping so much wire. I have had the machine for a week so It’s not like it’s a over time wear issue, I am curious to if anyone else has noticed, and I’m wondering if the parts is under warranty my wires now sometimes slide off to the side of the wheel due to the wear.

  294. Jake Davidson (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Easy to use.

  295. Jim S (verified owner)

    Very satisfied,everything it is supposed to be

  296. Donnie (verified owner)

    I am an Owner of a Machine Shop so I understand the importance of quality craftsmanship. The one word I will use to sum up this Machine is “Impressive” . Excelent quality and extremely easy to use. I would recommend this Machine to anyone who feels they may have a use for a stripper.

  297. Travis Gesford (verified owner)

    Great and easy product to use

  298. Tom Davis (verified owner)

    I wish I had bought this sooner, works great.

  299. Wayne (verified owner)

    Great piece of equipment, will earn your money back in no time.

  300. Steven Ferrand (verified owner)

    The machine works as advertised and does a great job.

  301. Peter Shangraw (verified owner)

    I am an electrician and have been stripping copper wire by using a knife for years. I got this little drill operated machine and WOW was I impressed, this tool is awesome. I was able to strip about 10 pounds of wire in an hour. Thanks StripMeister

  302. Juan

    Good piece of equipment 100% recommend

  303. Juan

    It works great and fast I ll recommend the investment

  304. Juan

    It works great and fast I ll recommend the investment

  305. chris (verified owner)

    this is a pretty amazing little machine. you will need two people to make it work perfect but you can do it on your own.

  306. Joseph Signor (verified owner)

    This Machine is the best, I have been trying to create this Kind of a machine for years. Thank you

  307. Jon (verified owner)

    Perfect craftsmanship that executes exactly, very happy with my investment and highly recommend this product.

  308. Garrett Temple (verified owner)

    Used the stripper for about 4 straight hours, absolutely amazing how it cuts through various wires with the greatest of ease!!! As they advertise, they use American made materials, so you can but cheaper, but the quality is awful, so why?

    Only suggestion, to make the process go quicker, separate your wire first, that way your not readjusting the blade.

  309. M Lonski

    I haven’t received my stripping machine yet but I wanted to comment on what fabulous customer service Stripmeister has. I called with a problem with my invoice and they corrected it with no complaint or hassle. I would buy from them again in a heartbeat.

  310. John Crum Jr (verified owner)

    Hi people at Stripmeister,

    I bought your drill powered machine about a year ago it more than paid for itself. I don’t know how much I made using it.
    But I can tell you it is the easiest piece of machinery I use in scrapping. I had a bunch of used four Ought that couldn’t be
    reused. In one hour I was able to strip as much wire that would have taken 8 hr to strip by hand. I was going to make something
    Similar to your machine
    Oh why bother when ur machine was so cheap I couldn’t pass it up.

    I had given your name to my friend also and he bought one.

  311. Mick

    I am a small time copper baron, so spending $238 on a stripper seem a little extreme. I did not want to buy a cheap stripper have it break or not work well and turn around and buy another. Well I bought one ,the shipping was Very fast about 2 days. The first day I stripped around 500 foot of 18 wire in a hour . It is impressive , well built, and fast . My only suggestion to someone using the stripmeister for the first time , run a test wire. Don’t run a lot until you pull the wire apart to see if the cutter is too low,it will fray the wire. Over all great tool , and I’m glad I bought it . I Should Have Bought This A Year ago .

  312. Steve M

    I bought mine from Amazon, I received it and was immediately impressed with the construction. This machine is well built and the quality shows right away. I hooked my Dewalt cordless up to it and started stripping wire. It works just like they say, yes you have to pull the insulation off but it peels very easy. I wanted a machine that was safe, well built and easy to use. This machine is all of those things. I would recommend it highly and will use it as often as I can. So far it has stripped 150lbs. in under 3 hours. Great Machine! Thanks

  313. Shelton wade (verified owner)

    OMG!!! I love this thing! Wish I had this years ago. I had 2-3 buckets of stranded and solid #10 and #12 wire, I had it all stripped out in a little over 2 hours. Best $239 I have spent this year already.

  314. Aaron S (verified owner)

    Just screw it down, set the depth and go. It’s easy to use. I made my money back in 30 minutes. A very satisfied customer

  315. Luanne H (verified owner)

    I am impressed with the speed this machine works. Had an excellent customer service

  316. Jared O (verified owner)

    I am pleased with the price, ease of use and quality. I purchased it for my personal use to make it easier to make more money on my scrap. It’s so easy and my kids sometimes help me out and use by themselves under my supervision and their only 7 and 4. Works great!

  317. Craig M

    The portability, ease of use and productivity are like nothing I have ever seen or used. It’s fantastic to say the least. I made my money back on my first trip to the scrap yard. I believe a lot of R&D went into this product to get it right. It’s spot on! Great job!!

  318. Aaron R (verified owner)

    i am impressed by the quality of StripMeister. You have done a good job and the product was delivered in a timely manner

  319. Corey B (verified owner)

    I am an Electrical Contractor and this machine is very easy to use. Buying was easy and no complaints.

  320. Tom J (verified owner)

    The good quality of the machine is excellent. The machine is capable of stripping scrap wire from 0awg-12awg. I doubled my money on the first time I used it. Everything was great from ordering, to time it showed up

  321. Doug

    It’s easy to use and quick. This machine is a lot easier and quicker than using a knife

  322. Edwin K (verified owner)

    The machine works very fast, no more sore hands. I used to strip all wire by hand, wish I had one of these 20yrs ago. I made all the money I paid, plus some in about 3 hrs. Thank you

  323. Kenny S (verified owner)

    The fact that it works like it’s shown. It strips 3/8 wire with ease

  324. Eric J

    Ease of operation. It works great with any wire over #8 thin

  325. Steven M (verified owner)

    It speeds up stripping by at least double. I am impressed by the speed on smaller cables

  326. Paul D (verified owner)

    Makes cleaning wire very easy for recycling. I am impressed with the ease of use.

  327. Richard G (verified owner)

    I collect scrap metal. No extra parts to lose. Ease to use. I run all the same gage wire then switch for another gage. Tremendous results.

  328. Carl H

    Speed… I wish I had bought this 18 years ago

  329. Tyler I (verified owner)

    I have my own scrap yard. I was fascinated by looking at how durable, effective and most of all, ease of use!

  330. Juan F

    I recommend this machine to all Electricians and Electrical contractors. It’s easy to use! I get a lot of scrap wire and I can strip almost all sizes using this StripMeister. Within the first use of this machine, it paid for itself. Wonderful machine!

  331. Cory M

    I am impressed looking at, how fast this machine can pull wire through ☺ I stripped 200+ feet pieces of 10ga well wire with ease and I don’t have to cut it in half. I love this tool.

  332. Thomas S

    I own a garbage industry and I am really happy purchasing StripMeister. The machine is easy to use and it makes recycling very very easy. I made my money back in 1 day.

  333. Peter S (verified owner)

    StripMeister is very easy to use. I was able to cut 12awg to 500mcm cables without an issue. I took back my money invested in this machine in a single day. Really a great product!

  334. Fred (verified owner)

    this is awesome it works really good thanks man

  335. Kevin Barker

    I ordered it on a Sunday and recieved it on Wednesday, that was incredable, cant believe how great this machine is, I am an Electrician by trade, I cant put into words how happy i am with this machine, thank you

  336. Brian Wolka

    I’ve stripped nearly 500′ of wire, all sizes and found it very easy, just like described on the website. Very easy to setup. Just followed directions and was stripping wire in no time. Still using original blade. I check to make sure I’m not cutting too deep when changing wire sizes so blade will last longer. The most difficult wire to feed into the stripper was the real slick THHN. I’ve been working in my cold garage and found that putting some heat on the wire from a space heater helps some. I cut the wire into 2 foot strips which makes handling easy.

  337. Fred (verified owner)

    Guys, wanted to give you guys a heads up. Received my order approx. three wks. ago. Very Very nicely built piece of equipment. You guys are the bomb. Hope to make enough to get one of the more elite models. Thanks again!!

  338. Mark R.

    This device to say the least is nothing less than amazing. Since the “30 second” install time I have not once experienced a problem of any sort. This smoothly cuts the romex, glides right through the larger wire and consistely and perfectly strips the thhn wire. After cutting by hand for the past several years I have made more money in a weekend than I did in half a year!! All you need to run the Strip Meister is a good drill and some wire and the Strip Meister does the rest for you. I would highly recommend this to any electrician or wire scapper that would like to make lots of money. The process is smooth and seemless. Lastly, and to top off this amazing product, I made more than enough money the very first time I used it that it paid for itself. 5 Star rating all the way!!!

  339. John VanBortle

    Great machine, worth every penny. No matter if you run a business or are just a weekend warrior then this is the wire stripper for you. I have done research for about a year on getting one and this one was in my budget and has the best reviews. I have had several people ask me where I got mine and I have given them this web site and they had been just as impressed as I am. Great machine!!!!!

  340. Anthony lupo

    I’m an electrician so this product was a must! Shipping was quick and free. Striper works as it should. I’m even really hard on the blade and it has shown no signs of dulling at all, plus it looks like a simple pipe cutting blade which you may be able to find at your local hardware store if your lucky.

    I strip everything from Romex, 12 awg to 250 KCMIL. Works like a charm!

  341. CByron

    I was skeptical at first. But when I received my stripmeiser I quickly realized that this was a very well built tool. My first day stripping copper wire I doubled my money and it still going strong. Stripmeiser takes the work out of what use to be a all weekend knuckle busting hand cramping way to make a little extra money. I’m soooo glad I made the decision to buy the stripmeiser over the other stripping tools out there.

  342. gabriel flores

    I like this machine mi firs time great use not problem now not have comparation the others machins this junk not good work STRIP MEISTER THES BETTER now strip 2000 paunds and not problem used for diferent zises copper wire 16 ,12,10,6 ,1/0,2/0 not mor used knife only STRIP MEISTER

  343. Scott Park

    Great Product!! I was not sure what to expect until i received the item and put it to work. I had all my wire stripped in a couple weeks using a few bad weather days. It was mostly #2 #4 AWG. We ended up with 2000 lbs of stripped wire. I am still using the original blade and it works as good as it was new. I even made a referral to my garbage man that was equally impressed.

  344. Felix Loccisano

    I don’t know where to start….all I can say in about the 2 to 2.5 months I’ve owned this insanely,amazingly,incredible machine I can honestly say that I’ve made close to if not more than 10,000.00….I’m looking between 1,000.00 to 1,500.00 dollars a week. All in #12….#10….#4….#6……#8…..and ur occasional l350’s AWG. I was a little skeptical about spending 279.00 because in my head I was saying this is not true….this machine is gonna break in two weeks. WELL STRIPMEISTER I WAS DEAD WRONG. only once I had to take it apart…reason being it started to make a squeaky noise…so all I had to do was take apart wheel and put lithium white freeze and she was as good as new. At that point hearing that you know u have been beating that machine up ALOT!!!! AND NO I DO NOT WORK FOR STRIPMEISTER…..JUST A DAM GOOD SATISFIED CUSTOMER…..THANK YOU AGAIN wheel worth every penny and then some.

  345. Dave Rempel

    This is a great invention it’s cut down the cleaning time down by 4x’s I love this wire stripper

  346. Brian Hester (verified owner)

    Great machine, worth every penny. No matter if you run a business or are just a weekend warrior then this is the wire stripper for you. I have done research for about a year on getting one and this one was in my budget and has the best reviews. I have had several people ask me where I got mine and I have given them this web site and they had been just as impressed as I am. Great machine!!!!!

  347. Dexter Gillespie

    I have ran everything from #12 thru 35 mcm without any problems. My biggest run was a piece of #6 about 60′ long and it did it in about 30 seconds. Should have had one of these years ago. One suggestion to those who purchase this is to sort your wire and strip the different sizes out separately, this will save you a lot of set up time. Also when you save your scrap to be stripped, don’t fold it up or wad it up., the machime works best with non kinked wire and cable. I have been quite happy with this unit so far. Thanks Stripmeister !

  348. Edwin Webb

    This product works very well. Works excellent on 10 and 12 wire which is time consuming by hand. East to adjust. Have not ran much big wire but the little that I did it preformed well. I worked it down to my work bench and zip tied the trigger to my excited speed. Fast and east.

  349. Chris Morrison

    Awesome tool! Couldn’t ask for a better stripper!

    Thanks StipMeister! Easy to use, and helpful to get some extra CASH!!!!!

  350. Chris Morrison

    Great little stripping tool! Easy to use, ready and available for all your household cords to strip. Easy replaceable blade! Really well worth the money spent! Thanks StripMeister!

  351. Dave

    Great product and design! I have stripped front 4/0 down to #12, strip it in seconds.

  352. Fritz R

    soooo easy to use. didn’t take me long at all to get my investment back. finally something that WORKS without screwing around…

  353. gabriel flores

    This machine I would put 10 stars :-). It’s perfect, I used it on my first day, wow incredible for the price. Works perfect. I had big expectations, now very very happy.
    thanks for this machine GOD BLESS

  354. Norman L.

    It is very nice machine to cut scrap wire. It made my money back in couple hours in a weekend. It’s $279 USD but worth every penny, if you like to make cash $$$ in a weekend.

  355. Frank W.

    Incredible quality and very reliable consistent cutting for my wires of all lengths!

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