What type of fuse does the StripMeister E1000 take?

The type of fuse to be used on the StripMeister E1000 is a 10A Ceramic Cylinder, Non-Resettable, Time-Lag, 250VAC, 5x20mm Fuse (Allied Electronic #70160162). You can purchase additional fuses through Allied Electric by following this link .

How fast can the StripMeister Original Strip Wire?

Depending on the power of the machines RPM, diameter, condition of and type of wire the following is an approximate estimate.

Running the drill at 300 RPM will on average strip 350ft per minute.

Running the drill at 150 RPM will on average strip 175ft per minute.

How fast does the StripMeister E1000 strip wire?

The StripMeister E1000 wire stripper can strip wire at a rate of 16-85 feet per minute.  StripMeister recommends using the variable speed control to start slow and as the wire feeds through the StripMeister to increase the speed to a comfortable pace.

How long will the blade last on the StripMeister Wire Stripping Machine?

The blade on the StripMeister wire stripping machines are precision engineered for each machine and will last anywhere from eight thousand feet of scrap wire all the way to forty thousand feet of scrap wire.

Where can I purchase oil for my StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripper?

Oil for your StripMeister automatic wire stripping machine can be purchased by clicking this Link.

Does it help the environment to use this cable stripping machine?

Copper wire recycling is a great way to help the environment by ensuring all pieces go where they are supposed to go and not contaminate the landfills. An added benefit is you make cash while doing it!

How much maintenance is required for this automatic wire stripping machine?

There is really no maintenance required but like all tools, keeping your StripMeister wire stripping tool clean cannot hurt – only makes it last longer!

Do I have to use a specific type of drill gun to run the StripMeister wire cutter?

No. The StripMeister is the ideal wire stripper due to that fact that it will accommodate any drill gun with a min. 5/16″ drill chuck or larger making it the best wire stripper around!

How do I know how much the copper is worth before contacting a scrap yard so I know their prices are within range?

Here is a live, 24 hour copper price chart so you have an idea of what you can expect to get for your yield of wire you stripped.

[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]

How fast can I run the drill gun?

For optimum performance, we recommend that you do not exceed 350 RPM on your StripMeister copper wire stripper.

How much money can I make per hour with the StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripper?

Again, that all depends on the size of copper wire that you are stripping with the StripMeister.  We yielded 51.21 lbs in one hour. At approximately $3.00/lb you will net a nifty $153.63, not a bad little return for an hour’s worth of stripping.

How much wire can I expect to strip in an hour with the StripMeister?

Well, that all depends on the size of wire you are stripping. This picture depicts the ‘loot’ for one hour’s worth of wire stripping. The yield was 51.21 lbs. As you can see, there was a variety of sizes being stripped in that hour. The sizes shown are a range from #14 up to 3/O.

Listed below are results from tests done with the StripMeister in a single hours time:

#8 = 42 lbs
#3 = 105 lbs
3/O = 216 lbs

Where can I bring the wire to sell it once I have stripped it?

Once you have stripped your wire, you can bring your copper wire to any local scrap yard. These yards are readily available in most urban areas and can be found in your local directories!  This is an excellent means of recycling copper wire!

What types of wire can I cut with the StripMeister?

The StripMeister automatic wire stripping machine can strip house wire, Romex 1 & 2, XLP, THNN, XHHW, welding cable, rubber cord, old style cloth insulation and tray cable just to mention a few!

What sizes of wire can I cut with the StripMeister automatic wire stripper?

This StripMeister automatic wire stripper can cut wire from #18 AWG to 250 MCM  Diameters from 0.100″ (3mm) up to 0.79″ (20.1mm)