Don’t matter what size wire your stripping this sucker does it better and faster than any machine on the market. So easy now its not even like work anymore.

Bill BaileyE2000 Customer

This past summer my 14-year-old son Jake worked here at our shop stripping wire using the Stripmeister and cleaning bolts for us here at Bennett Contracting.

His grandfather (who is also named Jake) came in a couple of days a week to straighten the wire and help out. Here is a picture of them in the shop working together. I expect they will continue the tradition this summer. We are located in Bradenton, Florida and are a full-service excavation and underground utility contractor. We do a bit of demolition in the course of our work. We love our Stripmeister!

Alisa BennettStripMeister Original Customer

In today’s economy, there isn’t many items that you can invest your money in and get a 100% return in a few hours. Well that’s my experience with Strip Meister. I purchased this unit because I had performed a demo job and had 4,648 pounds of 500 mcm wire. This wire was cut in 3’ to 4’ lengths when we took it out. In six hours ( yes I said six hours) three men stripped all of it.

This is a five star unit *****  Simple to use, does a GREAT job… I would recommend this unit to anyone that handles wire or owns a scrap yard business…. GREAT PRODUCT!

Carl BoyetteE2000x Customer

Mostly stripping Romex from old dairy barns. Almost $400 worth of copper sold in the pails and a lot more to go!

Fred ZwiefelStripMeister Original Customer

After I retired, I found myself wanting to get involved with something that would pass the time, but also make some money. I had some old wire at the house and decided to strip it and scrap it for a couple bucks. After my first attempt at stripping the wire, I realized there had to be an easier way. When I came across the StripMeister, I just knew this was going to work out for me. Yes, making this purchase was an investment, but if I was going to keep scrapping wire it was definitely a necessity. The quality of the StripMeister was top shelf, and after adding a speed control to my drill, I could dial the input speed to where it needed to be. I made my money back for the tool after my second trip to the scrap yard and now it’s such a fun pastime for me. I have stripped wire from 14 awg all the way to #6 but it could definitely do more. Now anytime I find wire in the trash or somebody is throwing it away, I grab it and feed the StripMeister!

James DevlinStripMeister Original Customer

I own the E500 and E2000x models. Both work exactly as advertised. We have striped miles of wire gauges
From AWG 14- 500 MCM!

James NaplesE2000x Customer