StripMeister Affiliate Program

The StripMeister™ affiliate program allows you to proudly advertise the best industrial strength automatic wire stripping machine on your website, Social Media accounts, YouTube videos, blogs or anywhere you interact online and earn the highest commission rate in the industry.

Why should you become a StripMeister™ Affiliate?

  • Affiliates earn 15% commission on all sales.
  • All customer support is provided by the StripMeister™ customer support department.
  • The StripMeister™ is the most durable, affordable and reliable product on the market so you can feel confident referring your visitors.
  • All Commissions on all amounts are promptly paid on the 15th of each month directly into your PayPal account.
  • Visitors from your site to ours are tracked for 21 days so if they return directly to our site to buy within 21 days, you will still earn the commission.
  • You will receive an email notification with every sale that happens.
  • You can login to your affiliate portal at any time to view your clicks and sales.

How Much $ Can I make with this Affiliate Program?

Lets assume your affiliate promotion gets in front of 10,000 targeted viewers. If you convert an average of 1.5% of those viewers to sales it calculates to 150 unit sales. Therefore at 15% commission for 150 machines sold equals the following:

  • E2000x = $270 commission per sale = $40,500 in total commission
  • E1000 = $180 commission per sale = $27,000 in  total commission
  • E350x = $113 commission per sale = $16,875 in total commission
  • E250 = $68 commission per sale = $10,125 in total commission
  • Original = $27 commission per sale = $4,027 on total commission

Follow These Simple Instructions To Get Started

  1. Fill out the quick sign up form by visiting the  affiliate portal page.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Grab your affiliate links for the product you would like to promote under Creatives in the affiliate dashboard.
  4. Add your unique affiliate link to any website page, YouTube video description, social media post, blog or forums.
  5. Login frequently to your account to view your clicks and sales!

Requirements and Restrictions:

  • You must have a PayPal account. All payments are made to affiliates automatically to your PayPal account on the 15th of the month after 30 days from the date of referral has passed.
  • You can not sign up as an affiliate if you are promoting adult content, online gambling, illegal content, or any type of site that would be considered inappropriate.
  • Affiliate must not misrepresent The StripMeister™ and all respective product information in a way that misleads the customer in any way.
  • You can not sign up for the affiliate program with intention to receive commission on the purchase of your own unit. 
  • We do not approve coupon based website affiliates. We do not offer coupons and are only accepting affiliates in in electrical recycling, scrapping, demolition and related industries.
  • Affiliate links added to existing StripMeister social media posts or videos will be removed.