Tips for Understanding Scrap Metal Prices

scrap metal pricesScrap metal pricing is an important issue when considering your return on investment for a wire-stripping machine. Copper conductors are usually the only thing we think of when scrapping wire but don’t forget the aluminum and steel often found in cable shielding and armor, this material is all valuable and recoverable scrap metal.

Scrap metal prices, per pound, are generally soft after a period of depression but so are metal inventories and particularly inventories of copper. Metal recycling prices are driven by demand so even a small up-tick in demand will drive the scrap metal prices per pound higher thereby enhancing your return over the long run.

Scrap aluminum and scrap steel prices will help support the prices of copper scrap and optimize returns on your wire stripping system. Don’t forget the local scrap Dealer will pay you premium prices for wire and conductors that are already stripped of their insulation and any cable armor.

Remember, once metal is stripped of its insulation the volume of material is smaller. It can be easily stored till metal recycling prices rise to an acceptable price per pound. This strategy will improve the return on investment for your wire stripping machine. Metal recycling prices alone are not the only key to successful scrap recovery… planning the activity and taking advantage of the price of scrap metal is also important.

Good luck in your recovery efforts and we hope this article has given you some good pointers.

Romex Wire Specifications and Romex Wire Stripping Tools

RomexIf you are an electrician, it is not uncommon to build up a substantial stock of old romex wiring from completed jobs in a short period of time. Old and left over copper wiring is actually a great source of extra income when you are able to strip the insulation in a quick efficient manner. Even romex wire, which is mostly used in the North America housing market, can be of value! Its weight can add up quickly with 10/2 romex weighing in at an impressive 124lbs per 1000 ft!

romex wire stripping

The ultimate romex wire stripping tool

With the dangers of burning the plastic insulation surrounding the wire becoming a serious concern for our environment, there has never been a better time to purchase your own StripMeister™ automatic wire stripping machine to eliminate that hazard!

Newly designed romex Wire Stripping Machines, like the StripMeister™, will save hours of your time compared to stripping the wire with a knife or hand-held device. The Stripmeister™ also comes with a “built in” romex adapter. With this option, the Stripmeister™ will cut thru the outer jacket and one of the THHN/THWN inside wires in the first pass! You will achieve another 33% time saving compared to similar tools.

Modern machines like the StripMeister™ are very user friendly , they do not need any extra tools to re-adjust for different wire sizes. It is manufactured to fit like LEGO! This unit is built rugged to withstand the harshest of environments yet reasonably priced for a fast return on your investment!

Romex wire specifications

Interesting facts: ( Weight per 1000’)

#14 wire 16 lbs.
#10 wire 39 lbs.
4 AWG 155 lbs.
2/O 460 lbs.
250 MCM 845 lbs.
500MCM 1660 lbs.

ROMEX 14/2 57 lbs.
ROMEX 12/2 82lbs.
ROMEX 10/2 124lbs.

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