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What type of fuse does the StripMeister E1000 take?

The type of fuse to be used on the StripMeister E1000 is a 10A Ceramic Cylinder, Non-Resettable, Time-Lag, 250VAC, 5x20mm Fuse (Allied Electronic #70160162). You can purchase additional fuses through Allied Electric by following this link .

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How fast can the StripMeister Original Strip Wire?

Depending on the power of the machines RPM, diameter, condition of and type of wire the following is an approximate estimate. Running the drill at 300 RPM will on average strip 350ft per minute. Running the drill at 150 RPM ...

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How fast does the StripMeister E1000 strip wire?

The StripMeister E1000 wire stripper can strip wire at a rate of 16-85 feet per minute.  StripMeister recommends using the variable speed control to start slow and as the wire feeds through the StripMeister to increase the speed to a comfortable ...

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